A “deficiency judgment” is a money judgment against a borrower for the difference between the mortgage debt and the foreclosure sale price. Not all states allow.

Scott Womacks, judgment and decree in foreclosure and reformation of mortgage 19-DP-139 – Melissa Stafford vs. Paul Stafford, denial of civil protection order 19-DP-421 – Ashley Hutchinson vs. Billie.

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A deficiency judgment is a judgment lien against a borrower whose foreclosure sale did not produce sufficient funds to pay the mortgage in full. Deficiency judgments are limited to the fair market value of the property less the unpaid balance of the loan that was foreclosed.

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What is a Deficiency Judgment. A deficiency judgment is an unsecured money judgment against a borrower whose mortgage foreclosure sale.

If the second mortgage lender is unable to foreclose due to the first lender having priority, the second lender may still be able to recover some of the loss from the loan. This is called a deficiency.

Since a deficiency judgment petition first requires the mortgage holder or lender to be granted a judgment for the property, a deficiency judgment against the.

Applying for a mortgage is a complicated affair for. Or, "We worked out a payment plan with our former lender to pay off.

Lenders beware: if a complaint for mortgage foreclosure seeks a personal deficiency judgment against a borrower based on the borrower's obligations under a.

I do not know the laws in North Carolina. I do know, however, that in 36 states (and in the District of Columbia) mortgage holders can pursue borrowers for what is known as a deficiency judgment.

Deficiency Judgement in Nevada In the state of Nevada, if you undergo a foreclosure and it does not sell for as much as the remaining balance of your mortgage.

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