wfsu promotes ‘ecocitizen Day’ By Encouraging Citizen Scientists WFSUTALLAHASSEE, FL – WFSU Public Media today announced the launch of an initiative to promote scientific observations made by every day citizens, in.

inform citizen scientists of the digital earth watch project. There are two posts in each of the parks we visited, Fresh Pond Reservation, in Cambridge, MA; and Menotomy Rocks Park, in Arlington, MA. In each of these parks the presence of the Picture Posts and their purpose was not explained. They were

Citizen scientists are people who volunteer to collect information, or data, for scientific research. Citizen scientists do not need a college degree, and they don’t have to be adults. What they do need is a sense of curiosity about the natural world, and a little time to spend observing it. Kids are natural citizen scientists.

By analyzing citizen records, scientists have found that the freeze-thaw cycles of northern water bodies are changing. However, since climate change is not consistent across the country and large gaps exist in the current monitoring network, scientists require critical data from many more regions. Sarah Hawkins visits Bella Bella, BC to profile one of the specially selected Seven Small Wonders of Canada.

Citizens scientists help with preservation beyond Earth Day. As a citizen scientist, Goad documents horseshoe crabs on beaches during specific times and days.

Ludovico Einaudi has turned eight million voices into music, Elegy for the Arctic, specially composed to help protect what we love. As he performed this piece for the first time – in front of a magnificent surging glacier – the music echoed across the ice, a moment that will remain in our minds forever.

The Oxford English Dictionary in 2014 added "citizen science" to its volumes, defining the practice as "scientific work undertaken by members of the general public, often in collaboration.

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‘Citizen science’ is the way to encourage critical thinking Meaningful dialogue about the nature and importance of science and research has already begun

WFSU Promotes ‘EcoCitizen Day’ By Encouraging Citizen Scientists. The global event calls on current and aspiring citizen scientists, nature and science fans, and people of all ages and education backgrounds to observe and submit pictures of wild plants, animals, and fungi using the free.

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