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Top 6 ORC Cases by Dollar Amount in first half of 2016 – 158 Suspects Arrested – $208.6 Million in Theft. Des Moines, IA: Florida sex offender gets 70 years in federal prison for retail, child porn, drug scheme. FENCING OPERATION: Fort Wayne, IN: pawn shop employee gets six months for her part in Pawn Shop Theft Ring

Occupy the SEC Pitches An Extreme Makeover of Wall Street The Guardian – Back to home.. Occupy the sec. 21 feb 2012 . Why the Volcker Rule is crucial to the 99%. Occupy Wall Street protester vows to fight subpoena over Twitter account.

Purchaser of $8 million Florida home arrested in theft of $300 in Kmart return scam: cops A man who earlier this month bought a private-island estate off Key West for $8 million was arrested last week after police say he tried to scam a Kmart out of $300 in fraudulent returns.

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A Florida man was just purchased an entire private island was allegedly caught trying to swindle a Key West Kmart over the weekend. Andrew Lippi, 59, is accused of buying about $300 worth of household goods from a Kmart between March 30 and April 4 and then attempting to replace those items with different, cheaper items so he could get a refund, ABC News reports.

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Purchaser of $8 million Florida home arrested in theft of $300 in Kmart return scam: cops MICHAELANTONIO MEDIA House Insurance Alternatives perfect central florida location Care Home/ Facility For Sale

Home Politics Florida housing agency paid $3,650 to teach embattled boss to be nice, Politics Florida housing agency paid $3,650 to teach embattled boss to be nice, stop being abusive to staff